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My main passions in life are animals, pets and drawing!

I worked as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse for just over 23 years and have spent these years helping to improve the quality of life for the animals that I treated. I worked for the RSPCA for 11 years in Putney, London and then moved to Guernsey, where I now happily reside, to work in a Private practice as a Head Nurse. Although not working as a nurse anymore, I still carry this passion and use this in my interpretations of the pet portraits that are hand drawn.

I am the proud owner of 3 cats, who live a life of riley and are quite happy to pose for the camera and it is this that has inspired me to take my creative work a step further, having always been just a hobby. I have done many pet portraits over the years for friends and family and it is lovely to visit people's homes and see your artwork on their wall, pride of place, evoking many memories of their loved pets, some of which are sadly no longer with us and still very much missed.

I believe that a pet portrait should not just be a picture of a cat, dog, rabbit etc, but that you should be able to recognise your pet's character in that image, whether it is a quirky tilt of the head or a twinkle in their eye, or even just the way a whisker sticks up at a jaunty angle! You, as an owner, know what gives your pet their character, and this is what makes them special to you. I will always strive to achieve this in my pencil / charcoal drawings, and I  find some personal information about your pet helps me to gain an insight into their character, such as their favorite toy, or their bad habits, things they do that make you laugh, etc. All my portraits are hand drawn, either with graphite pencil or charcoal and all I need is a good quality photograph / digital image to work from to give you a unique, hand drawn pet portrait of your beloved pet that captures their true character that you can cherish for a lifetime.